The Field

Nestled on the slopes of the massif valonnés Saint Thierry, the village of Hermonville is probably twice millennium, since his name is derived from the Latin Heremundi name given to a villa from the Gallo-Roman period. From the XII and XIII centuries, the wines Hermonville called "mountain wine" are renowned far beyond the borders of Champagne.


In 1406, the Royal Hotel is increasing its supply of wines and the town of Hermonville becomes a major trade. This trend is accentuating the XV and XVI centuries, and in 1825, the wines mostly exported to the North, become the heart of of Hermonville activity. With the stroke of genius of Dom Perignon in 1668, Champagne takes off.
At first, it n 'is accessible to royal and princely courts due to limited production and high prices. In the nineteenth century, it is all the festivals. Unfortunately in 1900, phylloxera devastated the vineyards Hermonville, the area increased from 193 hectares to 8 hectares. Patiently, at the cost of persistent work, the vineyard slowly regaining lost ground, and currently, 98 hectares are planted in three varieties. However, nothing is gained and the harsh climate requires constant vigilance Champagne, made of ancestral repeats and laborious gestures whose regularity and quality of grapes produced depend.

Nous apportons une attention toute particulière à l'évolution de la vigne , du cep à la ceuillette. C'est pourquoi la vendange reste un moment privilégié de convivialité : elle couronne une année de travail acharné, de craintes et d'espoirs qui seront récompensés par un grand Champagne .



We bring special attention to the evolution of the vine, the vine to the ceuillette. That is why the harvest remains a privileged moment of conviviality: it crowns a year of hard work, fears and hopes will be rewarded with a great Champagne.

We thus have three grape varieties to achieve our assemblies and give all their characters to our Champagnes. The oldest vines are forty years, some being removed every two or three years to renew the vineyard.
Time is our ally, our patience secret.

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